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ISEB, Ukiset, IB, SAT, AP Math Tutor - Vic Li

Vic is capable to teach different age group students for improving their academic performance on Math of UK and US curricula, including IB DP and IB MYP, which are held by IBO; Common Entrance Exam, which is held by ISEB; Ukiset; SAT and AP, which are created by College Board. With the comprehensive understanding and teaching experience of various Math tests, Vic can provide tailored-made teaching services, useful tips and materials for the exams for the students in need.

In the aspect of the British Math public examination, Vic is a ISEB Math tutor and UKiset Math tutor. Common Entrance Exam is designed for students to enter into senior independent schools at their 11+ or 13+ years old. Briefly speaking, the 11+ examinations may be taken in the autumn or spring term of Year 6 prior to entry to senior school the following September, while the 13+ examinations are taken in the autumn, spring or summer term of Year 8, again prior to entry to senior school the following September. In addition, UKiset is an assessment for students who aim at entering into British curriculum schools. Inevitably, Mathematics is one of the important fundamental skills that will be measured in UKiset.

Meanwhile, Vic is IB Math tutor, SAT Math tutor and AP math tutor. IB DP Math and IB MYP Math have different features, for example, IB DP has opened new courses on SL and HL, and IB MYP processes a framework in which students ­­­can work at two levels of challenge: standard mathematics and extended mathematics. In the United States, SAT is a college entrance exam that measures students’ skills in three core areas: Critical Reading, Math and Writing. Besides, Advanced Placement Program (AP) which is also a crucial public exam in the Northern America, is designed for the academically prepared students to pursue college-level studies while they are still in high school.

In a nutshell, Vic is an experienced ISEB Math tutor, UKiset Math tutor, IB Math tutor, SAT Math tutor and AP Math tutor. For more detailed introductions, please refer to the website.

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